Trauma focussed practice for the front-line worker

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Trauma Focussed Practice for the front-line worker 

Facilitated by Theresa Fraser (CV Attached). 

This 8- hour training is a hybrid training.

 Learning Objectives:

Session 1. 

Participants will discuss compassion fatigue, burnout and compassion satisfaction

  • Participants will discuss the effects of early childhood trauma on brain development integrating an attachment and developmental lens.
  • Participants will identify various types of abuse and trauma including intergenerational trauma
  • Screening tools that can be utilized in a shelter environment will be reviewed.

 Session 2

  • Participants will be provided a framework for understanding the implications of neglect, chaotic and violent environments on behavioural presentations across the lifespan
  • Participants will identify the 7 aspects of trauma that impact substance misuse 
  • Participants will apply (using case examples) trauma focussed practice approaches based on the integration of neurological, trauma, attachment and developmental perspectives 
  • The Circle of Courage model (Brendto , Brokenleg, Martin, 2002) will be introduced as a resiliency model 



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